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Kids birthday party

Kids birthday party

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a hands-on cooking party -invite their friends and we’ll teach them how to make their favorite treats. We do the work- so you can enjoy the party as well. Cooking activities are age appropriate, and are customized for the group’s experience. I offer 2-hour birthday cooking parties for children 5-12 yrs old. The party is at the Birthday kids’ house. You choose from healthy and delicious themes and then kids create the party meal.

What’s included:

 Experienced Cooking instructor

 Choice of one delicious party meal theme (see bottom of page)

 Individual birthday cupcake decorating for the birthday cupcake tree or homemade Birthday Cake

 Set up and clean up Party prices:

 $270 minimum for up to 10 kids

 $25 for each additional child up to 12 children (including the birthday child)

Party themes:

 Asian | Mexican | Pizza | Pasta | Hawaiian Luau | Brunch | Bake & Decorate | French Add-Ons:

 Create a Cook party favor bags Party Favor bags are $5.00 ea and contain 1 rubber baking spatula, 2 cookie cutters and a container of colored icing sugar

Other food allergies or religious dietary restrictions: I always try to accommodate children with other allergies like milk allergies, sesame, soy, etc. When you register your child that there are food allergies or dietary restrictions like no pork or no shellfish I always try to find a substitution for the student. Parents booking a birthday party should ask parents of the guest children about allergies BEFORE the party so no surprises come up during the party when a child lets the staff know he or she is allergic to an item being used. I can work around most allergies if I know in advance.

Kids Birthday Party Themes

>Asian Wraps Party Fresh Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls with Rice Paper wrappers or Nutella-Banana wontons Decorate cupcakes

>Brunch Party Flavored Yogurt,Granola, Coconut, Chocolate Chip Parfait or Dutch baby (baked pancake) topped with mini chocolate chips and banana slices and Warm Maple Syrup Decorate cupcakes

>Hawaiian Party Baked Kabobs of Fresh Pineapple with chocolate sauce or Cornflake Coated Chicken Decorate cupcakes

>Mexican Party Vegetables /chicken/ Cheese Quesadillas Decorate cupcakes

>Pasta Party Fresh Egg Pasta Dough Pasta is served with either a Marinara Sauce or Butter and Cheese Decorate cupcakes

>Crepes Party Savory Crepes Crepes

>Cake Birthday Cake and Finger food as party favor Layer birthday cake Finger food to bring home as party favor



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